Top 5 Mountain Bike Reccomendations in 2022

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1. Pacific Invert 500

Pacific Invert 500

The brakes used by the Pacific Invert 500 bicycle have the same hydraulic technology as the braking system for motorized vehicles. By using this technology, this bike is able to produce grip brakes. The suspension is also front and rear, making it very comfortable when there is a collision when riding this bike. What’s unique about this best mountain bike is, the suspension at the front can be locked, so that when used for cycling on city streets, it will still feel comfortable.

This Pacific bicycle is very easy to operate, including shifting gears, because you only need to change gears with your thumb and index finger. Besides being easy to operate, this bicycle is also durable, considering that the material embedded in the frame is an alloy frame which is known to be strong and rust-resistant. With all the features above, it is very natural that this bicycle with 26×1.95 large tires is very suitable for use on rocky terrain or on smooth roads.

2. Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0

Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0

As a unisex mountain bike, the Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0 is perfect for both men and women. This happens because, this bike is easy to operate, including the process of changing gears. You only need to use your thumb and index finger to shift each gear, making it easier for you to face uphill terrain and providing flexibility when cycling. The disc brakes are also gripping, thus giving the rider an extra sense of security.

Its good design combines with quality components, making it durable and long lasting. Although the frame is light, many of the main components are good, because many components are produced by Shimano, which is well known for producing bicycle spare parts. To make it even more stable, this bicycle product has a Zoom 525D suspension that is soft and tough to face terrain in the form of a highway or a little off-ride. For those of you who want to cycle on the road or terrain that is a bit extreme, then you can try this mountain bike from Thrill.

3. United Bike Nucleus 3.00

United Bike Nucleus 3.00

United uses brakes with a hydraulic system on its mountain bike, the United Bike Nucleus 3.00. With this kind of brake, this bike already has a grip that makes it safer and more comfortable to ride. To make it more comfortable, United deliberately uses a Velo saddle which is already known to be soft and comfortable when ridden.

To be even more comfortable, this bike makes it easy for the wearer to change gears, so they can adjust the speed quickly. Better yet, the tires used are tires with a size of 27.5 and a width of 2.20 which supports it bulldoze all the ground with a more stable. To make it more suitable for heavy terrain, this bike uses a strong and anti-rust alloy frame. With all these things, making it suitable for use on the road or on the mountain though.

4. Viva Cycle MTB 26” Morelli 560 V2.0

Viva Cycle MTB 26” Morelli 560 V2.0

The best mountain bike made by Viva Cycle, this one has a compact size, aka small enough for the size of a mountain bike. But because of that, this bike is very suitable for use from small children to adults. Even though we call it small, it’s not too small, so adults are still suitable for wearing it on roads and slightly rocky terrain. With this size, this bike is suitable to be carried anywhere by car or train without worrying about taking up too much space.

Apart from relying on its size, this bike is also good in terms of comfort and safety. By using a hi-ten frame, it makes the body feel more sturdy when used for driving. The brakes they use also have discs, so when you stop the bike you can feel more grip. Thanks to all these things, you can make this bike as a riding tool for children or yourself.

5. Tabibitho 26” Mischief 2.0

Tabibitho 26” Mischief 2.0

Tabibitho 26” Mischief 2.0 is good for urban walks and also good for fitness purposes. The frame, which is made of lightweight aluminum, is designed with a futuristic and attractive appearance. Each existing cable is arranged with an inner routing cable system that makes each cable more organized to make it look neat. That’s why this bike gives the impression of elegance to anyone who rides it.

Besides being good in appearance, the Tabibitho bike is also good in other features. For example, in the fork, they do not hesitate to use a zoom suspension which is already known to be good and comfortable when riding a bicycle. The brakes are also made of discs, so they can provide a sense of security when driving. With an elegant and comfortable design, you can choose this mountain bike to be your mountain bike.

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