How to Care for Bikes Properly

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How to Care for Bikes Properly

At this time the bicycle is becoming a trend among the community. Not just a hobby, but also many who make it as a medium of transportation. So that the bicycle can be used for a long time, Rider needs to carry out regular bicycle maintenance & service.

No need to worry about finding a trusted bicycle repair shop, Aquickrelease provides bicycle service services that are handled directly by professional mechanics. However, simple bicycle maintenance from home is also needed so that the performance of Rider‘s flagship bike is maintained.

Riders can try to learn how to properly care for their bikes at home. Here we have prepared some tips that Rider can use, take a look!

To keep the bike in perfect condition, there are a few things that Riders should pay attention to and try to do. The following are easy and practical tips that Riders can use as guidelines for maintaining bicycles. By doing so, Rider can have a bicycle that is long-lived and suitable for long-term use.

 1. Keep the Bike Clean

Keep the Bike Clean

As a tool filled with various kinds of rotating components, bicycles really need to be kept clean. At least on the rotating component. By keeping it clean, the rotation of the components will run smoothly. Riders can enjoy cycling without any distractions.

To keep the bike clean, Rider can wash it regularly. Make sure Rider uses running water when washing the bike. Don’t forget to adjust the pressure. We recommend Rider use normal or regular pressure when washing the bike.

Water with high pressure will risk damaging bicycle components, especially those filled with lubricating fluid, such as chains. When finished washing, make sure Rider wipes all parts of the bike with a soft cloth. Do not allow any water to collect.

2. Apply Lubricants

If so, don’t forget to apply lubricant to the bicycle chain, so that the chain does not rust quickly and remains safe to use after washing it clean. The provision of this lubricant helps maintain the performance of the bicycle so that it remains safe and comfortable to use. And can prevent wear and rust on the bicycle chain. That way the bicycle chain will work optimally.

When lubricating, make sure it has enough capacity as needed because it can trap dust and make the bike dirty quickly. In addition to the chain, Rider also needs to lubricate other components on the bike. Such as headsets, seat clamps, RD pulleys, bicycle hinges (if they are folding bikes), and many others.

3. Do a Wind Pressure Check

Do a Wind Pressure Check

Tires are one of the most important components in a bicycle. When the tires are not in a stable condition, it is certain that the Rider will feel uncomfortable riding a bicycle. Checking the air pressure in the tires is an important tip that Riders must do. By checking the air pressure, Rider has taken care of the tires to have a long life.

If the Rider uses a race bike, the recommended tire pressure is around 80 to 130 psi. Mountain bikes required pressure of about 25 to 35 psi. For other types of bicycles, it is certain that the air pressure in different tires is required because each type of bicycle uses different tires. The best solution for riders is to provide a pump at home according to their needs. For the pump choice, Rider can use a mini pump or a high-pressure pump. These tips are to keep bicycle tires in top condition when they are used.

4. Fix Any Minor Damage

The next tip that Riders can do to take care of their bike is to repair the bike when it breaks. Ball bearings or often also called bearings are components that are located on the moving parts of a bicycle. For example, in the bottom bracketpedals, hubset, headset, rear shock pivot, and many others. Riders can fix it from home.

For example, by tightening the bolt on the pedal, using a screwdriver (regular) for manual bicycles. Another example of minor damage, on the Seatpost which is often loose. So that makes the saddle position often fluctuate. Riders can also solve this problem at home using tools, such as special levers or locks.

To make it easier for Rider to repair minor damage to the bike above. The rider can provide folding tools, and serves to store bicycle repair equipment that is easy to carry around. Folding tools contain special levers or keys for bicycle repair. Starting from 2 mm hex keys, 2.5 mm hex keys, and other sizes.

5. Perform bicycle service regularly

When the bicycle starts to make an annoying sound, it can be ascertained that there is damage to the bicycle component of the ball bearingBall bearings that start to wear and dry greatly hinder the movement of the bicycle. Usually, this can happen because of water or degreaser that enters the bearing housing. It’s time for Rider to immediately do service to the workshop.

Of course, regular bicycle checks must be carried out by Rider, before the bicycle is damaged as above. If Rider feels confused and doesn’t know how to fix a damaged bicycle, Rider can take it to a bicycle service center.

Riders can perform routine bicycle services with the help of a trusted Aquickrelease mechanic. Aquickrelease provides the best bicycle service services with various advantages. It is guaranteed that Rider will feel perfect satisfaction and be able to use his favorite bike with the best performance and of course for a long time.

In caring for a bicycle in general, it can be given the same treatment. However, Riders should know that there are some slightly different rules for servicing bicycles. And it depends on the type of bike. Riders can find out how to properly care for different types of bikes to keep them durable.

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