Over the years AQR Holidays have had the support from riders who initially joined AQR for a holiday and then returned home already planning their next trip with AQR. Members of #AQRriders are also our friends and like us love riding their bikes in more ways than one. You may meet an #AQRrider on any one of our holidays or at a UK or International mountain bike event. You can't miss them as they will be showing off the red, white and blue AQR clothing, but more importantly are super friendly and always motivated for any ride.

If you're interested in becoming an #AQRrider in the future contact Kate who can discuss the #AQRrider benefits...

A Quick Release Bike Holidays - where all the hassle is taken out of your ride!

AQR is a very special little thing.  You've done me and my people real good over the years and they've both loved and benefited from it all...Jonathan

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