7 Android Bike Games Suitable for Intermezzo After Playing Slot Online!

Do you like cycling? But lazy to leave the house? Relax, because now you can still feel the sensation of playing a bicycle through your phone screen! Yes, now there are many motorcycle racing games on the Play Store and you only need to download them. The popularity of this kind of game makes many developers interested in making it, from PC to Android bike racing games. While playing slots online can gain you a huge profit, a break is also important to put your mind at ease for a while. Nowadays, slot online is crafted as casually as possible, game slot online gates of olympus is one example here. Designed like a video game with decent graphics, background music, and rich features, the game itself is said to be the most popular online slot game of 2022. Pragmatic play never goes wrong with their release! In the following, we will discuss any bike-themed games that are interesting to play while you having a break from playing slot online!

1. Bike Rice

The first thing we recommend is Bike Rice, a game that will test your dexterity in passing through various obstacles using a bicycle. Here you will be a character who is running away from someone's pursuit with the help of a bicycle. Goes on your bike so you don't get caught! Also, take every coin that is on the way to increase your points. Also pass through various obstacles in the form of walls, cars, and also other obstacles that can hinder your bike from going.

2. King of Dirt

King of Dirt Having a cool look, this King of Dirt game will be one of the best bike games you've ever played. In this game, which has been downloaded more than 80,000 times, there are 6 different types of bikes that also offer different places. It will provide a challenging experience for anyone who wants to play it.

3. Stickman BMX

Stickman BMX Are you a fan of the Stickman character? Even though it's only in the form of a line, Stickman has managed to become a character that many people like. Well, this time there is a game with the concept of Stickman, namely Stickman BMX with 2D visuals. In this game you will invite Stickman to ride a bicycle and pass various obstacles. The obstacles in this game are also quite unique and interesting, such as there are cars, stairs, or bridges that have been broken. If you dare, give this game a try and overcome all the obstacles!

4. Bike Mayhem Free

Bike Mayhem Free Still from a game bike with a concept that is not much different from the previous one, this time there is Bike Mayhem Free. Yes, this game is free to play. Here there will be roads that you have to pass by bicycle and make you feel like a professional cyclist. Although the graphics offered by this game are not too charming, but still the sensation given is very pleasant. The natural scenery in the background of this game is also not so disappointing. There are also various items that we can vary, making this game even more interesting to play.

5. Touchgrind BMX

Touchgrind BMX Unlike other games that we recommend, in Touchgrind BMX, there are no characters who appear to be cyclists, because here we are the ones who are asked to ride them. How to? It's very easy, we just need to use our fingers to move the bike here. The unique features in this game also make it feel more real, such as 3D animation, the voice sounds convincing, and the tones and tricks that can be done according to what the player wants. How? Interested in trying it?

6. Bike Unchained

Bike Unchained Bike Unchained is a game sponsored by the famous brand, Red Bull. In this game, there are graphics that look very realistic which makes it an advantage in itself. In this bicycle racing game, players will be invited to modify the bicycle until it is ready to be invited to race. The components of the bicycle will greatly affect its performance of the bicycle. In this game, there are 69 tracks that will be very challenging. You will race by descending the mountain slopes and adjusting to the bike's gear and helping each other with teammates in defeating the enemies.

7. MTB Downhill

MTB Downhill Do you like downhill bike racing games? Well, at number seven there is the MTB Downhill game that must be added to your list. What's interesting about this MTB Downhill game is that you can play together with other players. In addition, the animation in this game is also very charming. There will be 4 different weather that you will see as well as 20 interesting maps.

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How to Care for Bikes Properly

How to Care for Bikes Properly At this time the bicycle is becoming a trend among the community. Not just a hobby, but also many who make it as a medium of transportation. So that the bicycle can be used for a long time, Rider needs to carry out regular bicycle maintenance & service. No need to worry about finding a trusted bicycle repair shop, Aquickrelease provides bicycle service services that are handled directly by professional mechanics. However, simple bicycle maintenance from home is also needed so that the performance of Rider's flagship bike is maintained. Riders can try to learn how to properly care for their bikes at home. Here we have prepared some tips that Rider can use, take a look! To keep the bike in perfect condition, there are a few things that Riders should pay attention to and try to do. The following are easy and practical tips that Riders can use as guidelines for maintaining bicycles. By doing so, Rider can have a bicycle that is long-lived and suitable for long-term use.

 1. Keep the Bike Clean

Keep the Bike Clean As a tool filled with various kinds of rotating components, bicycles really need to be kept clean. At least on the rotating component. By keeping it clean, the rotation of the components will run smoothly. Riders can enjoy cycling without any distractions. To keep the bike clean, Rider can wash it regularly. Make sure Rider uses running water when washing the bike. Don't forget to adjust the pressure. We recommend Rider use normal or regular pressure when washing the bike. Water with high pressure will risk damaging bicycle components, especially those filled with lubricating fluid, such as chains. When finished washing, make sure Rider wipes all parts of the bike with a soft cloth. Do not allow any water to collect.

2. Apply Lubricants

If so, don't forget to apply lubricant to the bicycle chain, so that the chain does not rust quickly and remains safe to use after washing it clean. The provision of this lubricant helps maintain the performance of the bicycle so that it remains safe and comfortable to use. And can prevent wear and rust on the bicycle chain. That way the bicycle chain will work optimally. When lubricating, make sure it has enough capacity as needed because it can trap dust and make the bike dirty quickly. In addition to the chain, Rider also needs to lubricate other components on the bike. Such as headsets, seat clamps, RD pulleys, bicycle hinges (if they are folding bikes), and many others.

3. Do a Wind Pressure Check

Do a Wind Pressure Check Tires are one of the most important components in a bicycle. When the tires are not in a stable condition, it is certain that the Rider will feel uncomfortable riding a bicycle. Checking the air pressure in the tires is an important tip that Riders must do. By checking the air pressure, Rider has taken care of the tires to have a long life. If the Rider uses a race bike, the recommended tire pressure is around 80 to 130 psi. Mountain bikes required pressure of about 25 to 35 psi. For other types of bicycles, it is certain that the air pressure in different tires is required because each type of bicycle uses different tires. The best solution for riders is to provide a pump at home according to their needs. For the pump choice, Rider can use a mini pump or a high-pressure pump. These tips are to keep bicycle tires in top condition when they are used.

4. Fix Any Minor Damage

The next tip that Riders can do to take care of their bike is to repair the bike when it breaks. Ball bearings or often also called bearings are components that are located on the moving parts of a bicycle. For example, in the bottom bracketpedals, hubset, headset, rear shock pivot, and many others. Riders can fix it from home. For example, by tightening the bolt on the pedal, using a screwdriver (regular) for manual bicycles. Another example of minor damage, on the Seatpost which is often loose. So that makes the saddle position often fluctuate. Riders can also solve this problem at home using tools, such as special levers or locks. To make it easier for Rider to repair minor damage to the bike above. The rider can provide folding tools, and serves to store bicycle repair equipment that is easy to carry around. Folding tools contain special levers or keys for bicycle repair. Starting from 2 mm hex keys, 2.5 mm hex keys, and other sizes.

5. Perform bicycle service regularly

When the bicycle starts to make an annoying sound, it can be ascertained that there is damage to the bicycle component of the ball bearingBall bearings that start to wear and dry greatly hinder the movement of the bicycle. Usually, this can happen because of water or degreaser that enters the bearing housing. It's time for Rider to immediately do service to the workshop. Of course, regular bicycle checks must be carried out by Rider, before the bicycle is damaged as above. If Rider feels confused and doesn't know how to fix a damaged bicycle, Rider can take it to a bicycle service center. Riders can perform routine bicycle services with the help of a trusted Aquickrelease mechanic. Aquickrelease provides the best bicycle service services with various advantages. It is guaranteed that Rider will feel perfect satisfaction and be able to use his favorite bike with the best performance and of course for a long time. In caring for a bicycle in general, it can be given the same treatment. However, Riders should know that there are some slightly different rules for servicing bicycles. And it depends on the type of bike. Riders can find out how to properly care for different types of bikes to keep them durable.

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Benefits of Cycling with Mountain Bikes

The benefits of cycling are not only great for recreation, but also for your physical health. If you do it every day, you can realize the benefits of cycling. Cycling is one of the most practical and easiest sports. This makes the sport attractive to all age groups, from children to adults. It is the same with football which called the world of sport, not just because the fun when playing soccer together, but it's also very exciting watching your favorite team compete. Some of people even doing betting to add their excitement when watching football. You can learn mix parlay betting from various sports site. Cycling also best when doing it with community, not to mention the many benefits of cycling for the body. Check out the reviews below: Read Now: The Best Mountain Biking Spots in The World

Weight Loss

The benefits of regular cycling help reduce body fat, which promotes healthy weight formation, especially at high intensity. In addition, cycling can increase your metabolism and build muscle. This allows you to burn more calories even when you are resting.

Leg Strength

The advantage of cycling is that it improves lower body function and strengthens the leg muscles without straining them. Exercise bike movements are targeted at the quadriceps, gluteal, hamstrings, and calf muscles.


If you are new to fitness or are recovering from an injury or illness, consider low intensity cycling. Once your body is healthy, you can increase your cycling intensity.

Core Muscle Training

The benefits of cycling also work for core muscles such as the back and abdominal muscles. In addition, cycling helps to keep your body upright. Strong abdominal and back muscles can support the spine, increase stability and increase comfort while cycling.

Improving Mental Health

The benefits of cycling can also reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Cycling also helps you train your concentration and increase your concentration and awareness. If you feel tired or tired, increase the strength of your bike for at least 10 minutes. The benefits of cycling can help relieve stress as it can release endorphins.

May help Cancer Patients

Bicycles are a way to recover from cancer. Cycling can also help you lose weight and stay healthy, reducing your risk of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer. According to a 2019 study, continuing activities like cycling can reduce the side effects of cancer treatments such as fatigue and improve overall quality of life.

Start the morning positively

Start your day with healthy activities like cycling. Low-intensity cycling in the morning can burn fat, improve immunity, and increase energy and metabolism. A 2019 study found that people who exercised for six weeks before breakfast improved their response to insulin and helped burn twice as much fat as those who exercised after breakfast.

Pain Prevention

Regular cycling is one way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and the associated health problems. Therefore, the benefits of cycling help prevent heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. Cycling also helps prevent and treat type 2 diabetes.


Cycling is a transportation option that does not contribute to CO2 emissions. Biking is a great way to get to places that are a little too far to walk, but still don't want to drive a car.

Improves Balance, Posture, and Adjustment In addition

the benefits of cycling can also improve balance, adjustment, and posture. It is very important to maintain the balance of the body as it tends to deteriorate in the absence of age and activity.

Joint Health

Cycling is a great option, especially for those with joint problems in the lower body. The advantage of light cycling is that it can relieve joint pain.

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Top 5 Mountain Bike Reccomendations in 2022

Top 5 Mountain Bike Reccomendations in 2022

1. Pacific Invert 500

Pacific Invert 500 The brakes used by the Pacific Invert 500 bicycle have the same hydraulic technology as the braking system for motorized vehicles. By using this technology, this bike is able to produce grip brakes. The suspension is also front and rear, making it very comfortable when there is a collision when riding this bike. What's unique about this best mountain bike is, the suspension at the front can be locked, so that when used for cycling on city streets, it will still feel comfortable. This Pacific bicycle is very easy to operate, including shifting gears, because you only need to change gears with your thumb and index finger. Besides being easy to operate, this bicycle is also durable, considering that the material embedded in the frame is an alloy frame which is known to be strong and rust-resistant. With all the features above, it is very natural that this bicycle with 26×1.95 large tires is very suitable for use on rocky terrain or on smooth roads.

2. Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0

Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0 As a unisex mountain bike, the Thrill 26 Cleave Unisex 1.0 is perfect for both men and women. This happens because, this bike is easy to operate, including the process of changing gears. You only need to use your thumb and index finger to shift each gear, making it easier for you to face uphill terrain and providing flexibility when cycling. The disc brakes are also gripping, thus giving the rider an extra sense of security. Its good design combines with quality components, making it durable and long lasting. Although the frame is light, many of the main components are good, because many components are produced by Shimano, which is well known for producing bicycle spare parts. To make it even more stable, this bicycle product has a Zoom 525D suspension that is soft and tough to face terrain in the form of a highway or a little off-ride. For those of you who want to cycle on the road or terrain that is a bit extreme, then you can try this mountain bike from Thrill.

3. United Bike Nucleus 3.00

United Bike Nucleus 3.00 United uses brakes with a hydraulic system on its mountain bike, the United Bike Nucleus 3.00. With this kind of brake, this bike already has a grip that makes it safer and more comfortable to ride. To make it more comfortable, United deliberately uses a Velo saddle which is already known to be soft and comfortable when ridden. To be even more comfortable, this bike makes it easy for the wearer to change gears, so they can adjust the speed quickly. Better yet, the tires used are tires with a size of 27.5 and a width of 2.20 which supports it bulldoze all the ground with a more stable. To make it more suitable for heavy terrain, this bike uses a strong and anti-rust alloy frame. With all these things, making it suitable for use on the road or on the mountain though.

4. Viva Cycle MTB 26” Morelli 560 V2.0

Viva Cycle MTB 26” Morelli 560 V2.0 The best mountain bike made by Viva Cycle, this one has a compact size, aka small enough for the size of a mountain bike. But because of that, this bike is very suitable for use from small children to adults. Even though we call it small, it's not too small, so adults are still suitable for wearing it on roads and slightly rocky terrain. With this size, this bike is suitable to be carried anywhere by car or train without worrying about taking up too much space. Apart from relying on its size, this bike is also good in terms of comfort and safety. By using a hi-ten frame, it makes the body feel more sturdy when used for driving. The brakes they use also have discs, so when you stop the bike you can feel more grip. Thanks to all these things, you can make this bike as a riding tool for children or yourself.

5. Tabibitho 26” Mischief 2.0

Tabibitho 26” Mischief 2.0 Tabibitho 26” Mischief 2.0 is good for urban walks and also good for fitness purposes. The frame, which is made of lightweight aluminum, is designed with a futuristic and attractive appearance. Each existing cable is arranged with an inner routing cable system that makes each cable more organized to make it look neat. That's why this bike gives the impression of elegance to anyone who rides it. Besides being good in appearance, the Tabibitho bike is also good in other features. For example, in the fork, they do not hesitate to use a zoom suspension which is already known to be good and comfortable when riding a bicycle. The brakes are also made of discs, so they can provide a sense of security when driving. With an elegant and comfortable design, you can choose this mountain bike to be your mountain bike.

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Understand The Functions and Parts of Mountain Bike

Understand The Functions and Parts of Mountain Bike

Mountain biking or MTB (mountain biking) was first introduced in 1970. They were considered unpopular, but over time, 80% of Americans preferred this type of bicycle. So far, bike makers have begun to compete for the best mountain bikes, including well-known brands such as United, Polygon and Element. When planning your purchase of a mountain bike, first determine the terrain in which it will be used. Also pay attention to the frame material, braking system, tire diameter and bike weight. Ten high quality mountain bikes are waiting for you on the recommendation list, but first you need to think about the selection points to consider. Happy reading!

Mountain Bike Selection (MTB / Mountain Bike)

Here are some tips for choosing an MTB that you can use as a guide before you buy your dream mountain bike. Check the following points! Check the materials used for the frame The frame is where other bicycle components are mounted, so the frame is the most important part of the bike. There are many variations of bicycle frame materials on the market.
  • High-strength steel.

High-strength steel frames, also known as high-strength steel, are often used in the low to medium-priced range. This is because it is heavy because it is steel, but the material is very durable and reasonably priced.
  • Chromoly.

Manufactured from steel mixed with chromium and molybdenum. The quality is slightly better than lightweight high-strength steel. This frame is suitable for crossing extreme distances.
  • Aluminum alloy.

It is the most popular material in almost all price ranges. The advantages of alloys are that they are much lighter than steel and have higher corrosion resistance and strength. However, if the frame is dented, it will be difficult to repair.
  • Carbon fiber (carbon fiber).

Due to its light weight, it is very comfortable to use. The easily malleable material gives most carbon fiber frames a unique and cool design. The material does not rust either. However, the price is relatively high and the heat resistance is low, and it is difficult to repair if it is damaged.
  • Titanium.

For those who are preparing more budget for mountain biking, a titanium frame is the best choice. This frame is extremely stiff, stiff, lightweight and durable. This material is also commonly used by professional bikers as the mainstay of competition. The product recommendations below include a description of the bike frame materials to facilitate the selection process.

Get to know Bike Performance based on its Suspension System

For those of you who are beginners, choosing the right mountain bike should be adjusted to the type of suspension or spring installed. Full suspension will be more suitable for more extreme tracks, while the hard trail can be used for everyday use. Let's dissect the differences one by one..

Full Suspension (Soft Tail): Capable of Damaging Impact when Jumping

Suspension (Soft Tail) This type of bicycle has a suspension in the frame so that it is more capable and strong to absorb impacts when the bicycle jumps. However, the compensation of the full suspension system makes the weight heavier due to the addition of suspension on the frame. Full suspension bikes are not recommended for those of you who want to go down smooth tracks. The suspension also causes the bicycle to move slower because some of the pedaling is not channeled into forward motion, but up and down motion. For those of you who like cycling activities on extreme terrain, a full suspension system will be more suitable to choose from, such as perforated and rocky tracks, or the like.

Hard Trail: Lighter Weight for Non-Extreme Roads

For those of you who like flat terrain, the hard trail type will be more comfortable to use. Hard trail bike frames are made rigid without suspension to make the bike run smoothly and lightly. On this bike, the maximum suspension is only found on the fork or front suspension, while the other connections will be permanently connected. These types of hard trail bikes are designed for less extreme tracks, such as rocky but pothole-free trails, or on terrain where jumping is not required. This type of mountain bike is also the most widely found on the market, the price is also more affordable than soft tail bicycles.

Choose the Bike Type based on the Track You Want to Pass

An aspect that is no less important for your consideration is determining the track to be skipped. The need for the right bike may vary depending on the terrain. Here we present several types of bicycles that are suitable for certain terrains.

Trail: Perfect for Beginners Who Want to Go on Light Trails

On a trail type mountain bike, the suspension component is embedded in the center of the frame to provide the ability to pass through slightly rough terrain. The track that can be passed by a mountain bike trail is more varied when compared to the XC or cross country type. There are also many trail types that are designed in full suspension, but some still prioritize the hard trail model. The suspension system on this bike has a travel between 120 to 140 millimeters. For novice cyclists who want to try out a slightly challenging terrain, the trail type is ideal to choose from.

Cross Country (XC): Ideal for Uphill, Sharp Bends, to Semi-Extreme Terrain

This type of cross country bicycle (XC) has a very light weight and is designed for those of you who need more speed when cycling. This type of mountain bike is further divided into 2, namely XC Race Bikes and XC Trail Bikes. What's the difference between the two? XC Race bikes are designed to be simple and lightweight. The weight will be directed heavier forward to accelerate the bike's speed. This type is not designed for jumps and landings, but rather for steep climbs and turns. While XC Trail Bikes have a heavier weight, but are able to traverse muddy terrain to hard ground.

All Mountain (Enduro): More Suspension for Challenging Trails

The all mountain MTB type is designed almost similarly to the XC Trail Bikes, but has a more robust design and has more suspension. Complete suspension makes it capable of going through tougher terrain than the XC Trail Bikes, such as steep and complex tracks. Another advantage of an all mountain enduro mountain bike is the wider tire size and better grip feel. For those of you who like to go down more challenging paths, this type of all mountain bike is ready to fulfill your satisfaction every time you ride.

Downhill (Park Mountain): Descend the Hills and Mountains Very Fast

As the name implies, this type of bicycle is intended to bulldoze derivative roads such as hills or mountains. The derivative in question is a derivative that requires high speed and is tortuous, so it will be less comfortable when used for cycling on urban streets with minimal rocks. Hilly descents require intense plunging and jumping, so this bike is equipped with shock absorbers. The suspension travel of 200 millimeters allows it to land easily from a height of 2 meters or more. The frame itself is deliberately designed to be large in order to increase durability.

Adjust Frame Size to Your Height

Frame Size Adjusting the size of the frame with height is often considered a trivial thing so it is rarely a concern. In fact, this adjustment will add to your comfort when cycling. The right frame size for a person can be determined from his height. For those of you whose height is less than 170 cm, the choice of frame will be more appropriate in size S or 16". 171-175 cm tall ideal with an M or 18” frame. Whereas height above that will require size L or 20". Psst.. in fact, a smaller frame size will be more comfortable to use, you know!

Check Wheel Diameter and Other Components such as Brakes

Wheel Diameter The wheel diameter on a mountain bike is usually 26 inches. However, recently the 29-inch wheel diameter has become popular among cyclists. Wheels with a size of 29 inches have advantages in speed and the ability to move through various terrains, you are also more comfortable using them on urban streets. In addition, also pay attention to the braking system. You can choose between 2 types of disc brakes, hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic brakes use oil, while mechanical brakes use cables. Bikes with more affordable prices usually still rely on cables for the brakes (mechanics). If your hobby is cycling, then we recommend the hydraulic type with stronger braking.

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The Best Mountain Biking Spots in The World

The Best Mountain Biking Spots in The World

Some people say: Mountains are there to be climbed. However, there are also those who say: Slopes are not to be climbed, but to be skidded over and overturned in dust and gravel. For the sake of speeding cyclists, we present a list of six of the best mountain biking destinations in the world.

Riva del Garda, Italia

Riva del Garda, Italia Riva del Garda is a resort area in the northern Italian region of Lake Garda. The region's conditions with strong winds make it a favorite windsurfing destination. In addition, there is the former fortress of MAG Museo Alto Garda. MAG Museo Alto Garda has various exhibits. Don't forget the Torre Apponale bell tower which dates back to the Middle Ages. Beautiful scenery? There is. Routes for all levels? There is. Good Italian food? Lots. Riva del Garda is a cyclist's dream, with multiple routes along the Adige River, overlooking a beautiful lake. There are many great accommodations, but one of our guests' favorites is Du Lac Et Du Parc Grand Resort. It is in a beautiful garden with indoor and outdoor pools.

Moab, USA

Moab, USA This desert looks so majestic. The dusty, tan-colored terrain around Moab has plenty of mountain bike routes. There are routes for all levels, but try the challenging Slickrock Trail, which is adrenaline-pumping with incredible valley beauty. To enjoy Moab, check out Red Cliffs Lodge, which has a winery and hot tub under the stars.

Winterberg, Germany

Winterberg, Germany Winterberg is a winter resort town in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It’s known for the ski slopes and foot and cycle trails in the surrounding mountains. Sports-training facilities include the St. Georg ski jump on Herrloh Mountain and a bobsled run in an arena in town. Exhibits at the West German Winter Sports Museum include vintage ski, bobsled and ice-skating equipment. When it comes to death-defying hillsides, Winterberg is not inferior to any hill in Europe, but the embankments, mounds, steep slopes and ravines make it unique. If you like action, these slopes are very challenging for those who like obstacles. For a 'maximum play, maximum relax' experience, Vakantiehotel Der Brabander is the ideal choice. This four-star hotel offers a spa for massages, sauna, lounge and swimming pool.

Finale Ligure, Italy

Finale Ligure, Italy Finale Ligure is a comune on the Gulf of Genoa in the Province of Savona in Liguria, Italy. It is considered part of the Italian Riviera. Beginners should be wary. In this sleepy city, many routes are challenging even for the best cyclists. The starting point of the route is usually a graffitied former NATO headquarters. The result is satisfying: Cycling through ruins with a beautiful finish line on the beach. One of the highest rated accommodations in Finale Ligure is La vie est belle, a B&B with stunning views.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada Whistler is a town north of Vancouver, British Columbia, that's home to Whistler Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Whistler is one of the best ski spots in the winter, but a top cycling spot in the spring. There's no going downhill this far other than in Whistler. With the beauty of the setting, it's no wonder that Whistler is so loved by cyclists. Guests can relax in the quiet lakeside afternoons at Nita Lake Lodge. Beautiful views, massage services and hot tubs are here.

Leogang, Austria

Leogang, Austria Leogang is a municipality in the district of Zell am See, in the state of Salzburg in Austria. It is a famous winter sports and summer mountain hiking resort. The peaks around Leogang are among the best in the Alps and ideal for cycling. The area is full of trails and endless freestyle bike routes. Not to mention the Leogang Bikepark, an all-level route facility, as well as the organizer of the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike World Championship. There are plenty of places to rest in Leogang, but it's hard to look away from Kleintödlinggut, accommodation with bike storage and great views.

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Mountain Bike History

Mountain Bike History

This mode pops up around 50/60, when a group of young cyclists begin exploring the rails and slopes of the California mountains. We're not saying that no one has ever ridden his bike off the road, but at this point it's starting to have a bigger impact, thus also giving rise to the first modifications to the bike for this sport's practice. The names that stand out in this fashion due to Mountain Bike's “parents” are Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher, who were the first to start bicycles for Mountain Bike. At first they started using the cruiser frame (often seen on the Schwinn) and upgraded the brakes, also use thicker tires. Currently both have their own brand of bicycle of this type, so that it becomes a reference in this environment.

Olympic Mountain Bike

With the rapid growth in popularity of this sport, it soon became an Olympic modality, more specifically the Cross Country variant. This variant has its own rules and regulations that do not always apply to other events outside the Olympics, as it does to other sports. In 1996, at the Atlanta Olympics was the time to practice for the first time Cross Country at the Olympics. More recently, in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, another variant of Mountain Bike, BMX, was also added.

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The Main Difference Between Road Cycling and Mountain Bike

The biggest difference we all notice is the type of soil. When cycling on the road, the entire route is carried out on the road, and most of it is asphalt. In Mountain Bikes, you also drive on road or asphalt, but there will always be very few. Dirt roads, mud, descending, climbing, twigs, rocks, … are the things that characterize this sport. Another difference is the amount of protection. As on the Mountain Bike, many variants are for descending and/or climbing dirt trails with all sorts of obstacles, greater protection is required to avoid injury and injury in the event of a fall, and this is much more likely than road biking. Motorcycles have also changed many roads (which Mountain Bikes vary greatly between variants) having a more reinforced structure, rear or complete suspension for easier driving and more effective brakes, among others.. Finally, when Mountain Bikes are built on rails, there's no way to get quick support from anyone in case of damage, so each of these cyclists usually have reasonable knowledge of their bike and how to get things done in time so they can move on. faster test

Mountain Bike Variant

There are a large number of variants of this sport, some of which even organize and organize tests for them. Let's name and describe the most common and popular variants:

Cross Country

Cross Country

This is the oldest mountain bike variant, which is the one from which all these movements originate. As we've mentioned, their rules vary from trials, with the Olympics even have their own rules. Usually done in closed courses, where all the cyclists depart at the same time and the route consists of climbing, descending, more technical sections, etc. so as to test the athlete and show how complete he is. The person who reaches the goal first wins.



As the name suggests, its main feature is to make hills downhill with jumps, tight corners and all kinds of obstacles. The cyclists go separately and the person who completes the course wins in the shortest amount of time. This variant is very dangerous due to the high speed of descent and therefore also uses more protection such as Full-face helmets, knee pads and even some sort of chest-protecting vest. It is not practiced like other variants although it is quite popular mainly because of its high cost of going on a motorbike downhill which is quite expensive and then a lot of elements of protection are required as well.

Trial Trip

Trial Trip

This mix is ​​a bit of free time with competition. By this I mean that there are no trial rides only professionals, practiced by cyclists of all Mountain Bike variants and even amateurs. It is characterized as having a long road, and perhaps even lasting days, and connecting from point A to B. This test is usually more lively by connecting from one city to another, such as a cycling road where the viewer can see the curb or rail.



This is a recreational version of Downhill. It's not always a downhill road like going down a hill but also has adrenaline-pumping and spectacle-pumping obstacles and jumps. Bikes for Freeride are often slightly different to Downhill. Free rides can also be done in the middle of the city, on sidewalks, stairs and sometimes some temporary artificial jumps, called Urban Assault.



4X is very similar to BMX, it is also built in early 4 elements, and aims to achieve the first goal in order for the opponent to reach the goal. This course has inclined curves as its main feature.

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