7 Android Bike Games Suitable for Intermezzo After Playing Slot Online!

Do you like cycling? But lazy to leave the house? Relax, because now you can still feel the sensation of playing a bicycle through your phone screen! Yes, now there are many motorcycle racing games on the Play Store and you only need to download them. The popularity of this kind of game makes many developers interested in making it, from PC to Android bike racing games. While playing slots online can gain you a huge profit, a break is also important to put your mind at ease for a while. Nowadays, slot online is crafted as casually as possible, game slot online gates of olympus is one example here. Designed like a video game with decent graphics, background music, and rich features, the game itself is said to be the most popular online slot game of 2022. Pragmatic play never goes wrong with their release! In the following, we will discuss any bike-themed games that are interesting to play while you having a break from playing slot online!

1. Bike Rice

The first thing we recommend is Bike Rice, a game that will test your dexterity in passing through various obstacles using a bicycle. Here you will be a character who is running away from someone's pursuit with the help of a bicycle. Goes on your bike so you don't get caught! Also, take every coin that is on the way to increase your points. Also pass through various obstacles in the form of walls, cars, and also other obstacles that can hinder your bike from going.

2. King of Dirt

King of Dirt Having a cool look, this King of Dirt game will be one of the best bike games you've ever played. In this game, which has been downloaded more than 80,000 times, there are 6 different types of bikes that also offer different places. It will provide a challenging experience for anyone who wants to play it.

3. Stickman BMX

Stickman BMX Are you a fan of the Stickman character? Even though it's only in the form of a line, Stickman has managed to become a character that many people like. Well, this time there is a game with the concept of Stickman, namely Stickman BMX with 2D visuals. In this game you will invite Stickman to ride a bicycle and pass various obstacles. The obstacles in this game are also quite unique and interesting, such as there are cars, stairs, or bridges that have been broken. If you dare, give this game a try and overcome all the obstacles!

4. Bike Mayhem Free

Bike Mayhem Free Still from a game bike with a concept that is not much different from the previous one, this time there is Bike Mayhem Free. Yes, this game is free to play. Here there will be roads that you have to pass by bicycle and make you feel like a professional cyclist. Although the graphics offered by this game are not too charming, but still the sensation given is very pleasant. The natural scenery in the background of this game is also not so disappointing. There are also various items that we can vary, making this game even more interesting to play.

5. Touchgrind BMX

Touchgrind BMX Unlike other games that we recommend, in Touchgrind BMX, there are no characters who appear to be cyclists, because here we are the ones who are asked to ride them. How to? It's very easy, we just need to use our fingers to move the bike here. The unique features in this game also make it feel more real, such as 3D animation, the voice sounds convincing, and the tones and tricks that can be done according to what the player wants. How? Interested in trying it?

6. Bike Unchained

Bike Unchained Bike Unchained is a game sponsored by the famous brand, Red Bull. In this game, there are graphics that look very realistic which makes it an advantage in itself. In this bicycle racing game, players will be invited to modify the bicycle until it is ready to be invited to race. The components of the bicycle will greatly affect its performance of the bicycle. In this game, there are 69 tracks that will be very challenging. You will race by descending the mountain slopes and adjusting to the bike's gear and helping each other with teammates in defeating the enemies.

7. MTB Downhill

MTB Downhill Do you like downhill bike racing games? Well, at number seven there is the MTB Downhill game that must be added to your list. What's interesting about this MTB Downhill game is that you can play together with other players. In addition, the animation in this game is also very charming. There will be 4 different weather that you will see as well as 20 interesting maps.

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